A well tailored suit created with high end cloth, can be “restyled” many times over the years to reflect not only changes in fashion but also in physic, making the suit a wise investment or even a family heirloom! We recently “restyled” a suit that was 50 years old for an 80 year old Gentleman so enough said.

If you don’t need a full suit and only need a jacket or a shirt, our tailors can help too.

How does your dream suit begin?

Here is a simplified process of how you can start creating your own tailor-made suit.

Don't worry, if you don’t know where to begin, we are here to help you all the with ideas on style, fit and cloth.

We know it can be a little overwhelming at times so for that reason we are happy to offer two appointments, one for the cloth/lining/button choices and one for the fitting.

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Book an appointment
Let’s start with booking the appointment, you may already have some ideas about the suit you want, so feel free to bring along some photos or even an old favourite suit that has seen better days.
Choose your cloth
And about the cloth…. In our Exeter Boutique you will find an abundance of high end cloth containing wool, cashmere, silk, cotton and linen. We work with a local mill and much of their wool is British, we also have a supplier from Saville row who have 1000's of options.
Choose your lining
Adding the lining is a perfect way to give the suit your signature, we have many that reflect lifestyle, hobbies or if it’s for a wedding why not choose something that will always remind you of your special day.
We make it unique
Embroidery is the perfect way to make your suit extra special, if it’s for a memorable occasion why not add the date and your names to the lining? This can be discussed during the appointment.

Once you have chosen the cloth, lining and buttons the fitting begins. During the measuring process Sharif will not only take your vital statistics but also observe any unique characteristics about your body shape and posture, no one is perfect and during our lifetime things we do every day can effect our posture and body shape. Sports injuries, sitting too long at a computer or surgery can effect the fit so these things will be considered when creating your suit.

During the appointment Sharif will invite you to try on some of our lovely suits, this will not only give him the chance to see your body shape in a suit but it will allow you to decide your final choice of suit style covering everything from lapels, pockets, belt loops and much more, you may even reconsider your original ideas about the style of suit you thought you wanted.

Once this is complete, we will require a 50% deposit and then we will begin the work. After about 6 weeks we will invite you in for your first fitting and from then on you may need another appointment but the whole process should take around 10 weeks, but if you need something quicker than that we would be happy to discuss this with you.