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Enjoy a suit that has been tailor made just for you.

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Don’t settle for a shop-bought suit

An off-the-shelf suit designed for everyone may not be the right suit for you. At Sharif Tailoring & Alterations we can offer a fully bespoke suit creation service to guarantee you a unique suit. From the materials and colours to the final fitting, we work with you at every step to create a masterpiece. If you don’t need a full suit and only need a jacket or a shirt, our tailors can help too.

Why choose us?

Free Swatches at Sharif Tailoring in Exeter
Free Swatches
London Trained Tailor at Sharif Tailoring in Exeter
London-trained Tailor
A perfect fit guaranteed at Sharif Tailoring in Exeter
A Perfect Fit Guaranteed
Professional advice at every step at Sharif Tailoring in Exeter
Professional Advice at Every Step

What’s involved?

First, we start by taking a wide range of measurements for your new suit. We will then discuss the materials, colours, lapel style, buttons and overall design you would like. You will then be invited for an initial test fitting to ensure the measurements are accurate before we start work on the final suit. Over a number of weeks, you will be invited for a second, third, and finally a fourth suit fitting session, to guarantee the right fit. By the end of the process you can enjoy a perfectly fitting suit, made to exceptionally high standards using high-quality materials.

Ensure the perfect fit

We are able to create a range of different suit styles

Our skilled tailors can alter existing garments to ensure the perfect fit. From leather wear to wedding dresses, we want you to enjoy clothing that suits your unique shape perfectly.

Ensure the perfect fit

Choose from a range of shirt styles

We can make bespoke shirts with a variety of fitments to suit your preference and body shape. We create your shirts to fit your unique style. Speak to our experienced tailor today to discuss your ideas, or to get a professional opinion.


Have complete control over the design of your new shirt

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Bespoke suit by Sharif Tailoring in Exeter
Ensure the perfect fit

We also alter existing items

Tailoring Exeter

Stuck with an unflattering jacket? Our team is more than happy to help. We can help with a range of alterations, from adjusting the fit to small repairs. Get in touch and find out more about our services today.