Our dedicated tailors will not call your suit finished until you are happy with the final fitting. We are committed to ensuring your business suit, wedding suit or formal evening wear fits comfortably.

If you prefer something a little more personalised, we also offer a bespoke suit service.


What’s one of the most common events that happens in our Boutique?

A Gentleman needs a suit for a special occasion and even though he may have had the invitation many months ago he will probably start looking for his suit …. Let’s just say “a little last minute”

This makes us quite sad!



What a perfect time to invest in a Bespoke suit which could have then gone on to be worn at many other wonderful events in the future, as we always tell our clients “ A Bespoke suit is for life” and can be restyled over and over to reflect changes in style and body shapes so for that reason please consider it’s takes around 10 weeks for a Bespoke suit to come to life.

Ok so moving on let’s imagine there’s no time for that. What other options are there?

Your first choice should always be investigate your wardrobe, this not only helps your wallet but benefits the planet. We can restyle an old suit to make it look more current, many suits from the past still have lots of life in the cloth but are just a little dated. With some little changes here and there and a visit to our professional dry cleaners it can look as good as new, but just bear in mind that if it’s it’s an “off the peg” suit and it’s too small it may not have any room in the seams, if you have any doubts please contact us and we we take a look at the suit to confirm if it’s possible.

The final option...

Buy something in town, recently the trend towards formalwear has certainly become more popular and for that reason there are more options on the High St. We are currently working with a couple of local shops to tailor suits they sell but the choice is still quite limited.

What can you do if you buy a suit which in essence you like but doesn’t fit you perfectly? Book an appointment with us as soon as you have the suit, we can tailor it in a matter of days (faster in a real emergency) but remember that in general these kind of suits can’t be made bigger (maybe half an inch maximum) however the main issue is nearly always that the jacket sleeves and trouser legs will be too long but luckily thats a quick and an easy fix.

Finally remember to keep the receipt that way if it’s not possible to make the changes you need it can generally be returned.

Gentlemen please remember Rome wasn’t built in a day!


Ladies, hand on your heart, how many items of beauty do you have in your wardrobe that have never seen the light of day let alone been worn? 5? 10? 20? Some may even still have the labels on…..

Let’s say you have a special event coming up, or you just want to plan your wardrobe for the new season, instead of panicking and running to the shops or ordering a ton of clothes online that may or may not be returned, why not take a look in your wardrobe? Make time and have a little “Fashion show” perhaps ask a friend over to give their advice. Quite often it’s simple case of the sleeves are too long (this alone can make the garment look like its bad fit) the length of the hem may be wrong or the waist and hips are the wrong proportions. Maybe you don’t like the buttons or the collar is too big ……

All of those things can be easily be addressed, so before discarding those clothes contact us for a complimentary appointment where we can suggest options to make the garment perfect for you and who knows you may fall in love all over again with something beautiful forgot you had!!!

Finally never forget it’s not your body shape that’s the problem!! These days clothes have no size guide and are generally mass produced, so ultimately they fit NOBODY perfectly.