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“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else”
– Fred Rogers

‘Upcycling’ and ‘repurposing’ clothing is the method of taking old, worn or damaged materials and transforming them into new products of higher quality and value.
There are many environmental benefits to wearing upcycled pieces. Did you know that every week, 13 million items of clothing ends up in UK landfill? Upcycling old garments means less water, fewer chemicals & carbon emissions and avoiding contributing to landfill. It also means every item of clothing has its own unique story.

We can repair & alter…

Trouser alteration by Sharif Tailoring in Exeter

Shortening the overall length and other fitment alterations

Shirt alteration by Sharif Tailoring in Exeter

Original button replacement and fit adjustment (classic, slim, super/extra slim), and collar adjustments

Skirt alteration by Sharif Tailoring in Exeter
Skirts & Dresses

Reshaping of lapels, pocket flaps and shoulders

Jacket alteration by Sharif Tailoring in Exeter

Reshaping of lapels, pocket flaps and shoulders

Jeans alteration by Sharif Tailoring in Exeter

Original button replacement and discreet patching made to look like original manufacturing

Tailoring fashion towards a circular economy

In a fashion context, the circular economy is achieved by mending, repairing and altering. These key components extend the lifetime of an item from single-use to being treasured for life. Less than 1% of clothing are recycled into new clothes, and we want to be part of this much needed, radical transformation.

Buying pre-loved clothes and extending the life of vintage gems often requires a little TLC. From fixing a zip to refitting a charity shop bought suit, our tailors have you covered.
The next time you’re browsing in a second hand shop, don’t let the little imperfections on pre-worn clothes hold you back!

Upcycling in Exeter
Upcycling vintage dresses in Exeter

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