Thankfully over the last few years the approach by suppliers has evolved to make life easier when choosing your gown and now many companies offer the opportunity of buying your gown off the peg, this means it leaves the shop with you as apposed to you having to order it and wait up to 6 months for it to arrive.

However the down side of this is that you may see the dress of your dreams on the rail but there’s only one and it’s not your size!!! The dress is no longer in production so your size is not available.

“Can you honestly think of a day that brings more happiness than a wedding? The way it unites friends and family together and opens a new chapter for the happy couple is a wonderful memory. But regardless of the magnitude surrounding the planning of the location, menu and guest list, what is the biggest focus of the day? The answer is quite simple, The wedding gown!!!”

Sharif Mirzad



We can tailor your gown to fit you perfectly, but before we continue let’s make a few things clear which will save you heartache and money. *

Over the last 20 years I have corrected many gowns that have been altered by inexperienced tailors, seamstresses, friends etc. A wedding gown is a complex garment often with many layers, bones, sequins lace and seams, so for that reason there are no short cuts. It’s unlikely we will be the cheapest option but without a doubt if we take on the work for your dream gown you will be 100% happy regardless of how many appointments you need. *

Changing a size 16 gown to a size 10 is achievable but the reverse won’t be possible. Generally speaking there is very little extra fabric in the seams so whilst it may be possible to make the dress one size bigger that’s probably the limit. *

Altering a Bride gown can take many hours of work, so for that reason we ask you to book your appointment for at least 3 months in advance of the wedding, especially because at certain times of the year our business is all about weddings. But that said we understand that circumstances can be unpredictable, things can go wrong and plans need to change so for that reason we can react very quickly if necessary.

Here are the simple steps

1. Choose one closest to your size and your dream style.

2. If the dress is not the perfect fit make sure you can return if the alterations are not possible.

3. Book an appointment as soon as possible even if it’s only to discuss the options.

4. Bring your wedding shoes or shoes of the same height to the fitting, getting the length right is key.

5. Never feel nervous about the appointment, we want you to enjoy every moment of your wedding preparations and we are here to help you every step of the way.

We look forward to welcoming you and being part of your special day. If need advice with any aspects of your wedding we are here to help. Maybe some of your guests need alterations or perhaps your partner is interested in finding out about a Bespoke suit for the special day. Do your bridesmaids dresses need shortening? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information on any of these subjects.